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Premier Books Direct One Day Book and Gift Fairs

In addition to the regular service provided by Premier Books Direct distributors, in some areas Corporate Book and Gift Fairs can be arranged through your local independent Premier Books Direct distributor. Corporate Book and Gift Fairs provide the opportunity for 'one day sales', where a percentage of all proceeds go directly to your organization. This is a perfect way for schools and hospitals to generate needed funds, and for businesses to host fundraising events for the charity of their choice. An event organizer sets up the display, mans the sale and leaves the site clean and tidy afterwards, so no involvement of your staff is required.

This service has been welcomed by both employers and employees all over North America and is growing at an extraordinary rate.

Premier Books Direct Distributor Profile
Premier Books Direct recognizes that the safety and security of your staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to you. To this end, all Independent Premier Books Direct distributors have undergone a stringent selection process. Further to that they have thorough understanding of the Premier Books Direct marketing system and strive to meet their customer's every expectation.

Your local, independent Premier Books Direct distributor is a well trained competent professional.

Security Clearances
Your local independent Premier Books Direct distributor will gladly co-operate fully with any security check procedures required by your business.

Benefits of a one day Book and Gift Fair:

  • You have generated funds for your business or charity with no effort on your part
  • Your employees get the opportunity to purchase quality book and gift items at prices far below retail
  • Your Independent Premier Books Direct distributor does the work, you get the credit
  • People feel good about making a purchase knowing part of the proceeds are going to a good cause
  • The show costs you nothing and gives you so much
  • Your organization or charity receives a percentage of the total order value
  • No obligation or liability for your business 100% guarantee on all products and after sales service
  • Exceptional value, anywhere from 40 - 70% off retail prices

Premier Books Direct Corporate Book and Gift Fairs can work wonders for hospitals, schools and companies all over North America. If you think it's an idea that could work for you, just give us a call. Premier Books Direct makes fundraising easy. We actually make it fun. Call 1-877-625-4766 and start planning your fundraising event today!

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